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Mac and cheese
Ribs ready to serve
Mike Trigg
Prepping BBQ Ribs
Ribs on the grill

From the Owner, Mike Trigg

Konan's BBQ is dedicated to providing a fresh and consistent product for every customer. We prioritize every aspect of our business, with customer service and satisfaction being our top priority. Our freshly prepared products, as my mom Ms. Brenda would say, are "cooked with lots of love." Additionally, we deeply understand our responsibility to the community where we reside. Community outreach, spearheaded by my uncle Eric and me, is our favorite aspect of the business, allowing us to assist families in need. From the owner of Konan's BBQ, thank you for your ongoing support, as we continue to bring that SMOKE!!!

Konan's BBQ Logo

Tampa's Best BBQ.

We Bring the Smoke.


I asked my driver to take me to where the locals eat. He took me to Konan's BBQ. The BBQ was also delicious. It was my first time having North Carolina style BBQ. The smoked sausage was the best! If you are ever in Tampa make sure you stop by and get some Pineapple tea, smoked sausage, and red velvet cake!

"He took me to Konan's BBQ."

I had the chopped pork, sausage, ribs, mac-and-cheese, and baked beans and it was incredibly delicious. I highly recommend this place if you're craving BBQ.

"Best BBQ place in Tampa!!"

Visiting Tampa from Columbus, OH, and headed here right off the plane. We were looking for a quick bite to hold us over until dinner... boy were we surprised! The music took me back to when I was a kid, so waiting wasn't a problem. We shared a rib dinner, and still had food left over. Our only problem is that we had to come all the way to Tampa to get good BBQ.

"Great service, and the food is amazing."

I visit Tampa a few times a year and when this place was recommended to me, I couldn’t wait to stop by. Everything was amazing and the ribs stole the show. The pound cake was the best pound cake I’ve had since I lived in Alabama. Make a point to come here 🔥

"Best meal in Tampa!"



Since 2011... With faith and family recipes, we’ve strived to bring you the best bbq in the Tampa Bay area. As locals, we love serving our community with a smile and hope our food and service is the best…we hope you enjoy.


1510 N. Hubert Ave.
Tampa, Florida 33607


Thursday 11:30am – 7pm
Friday      11:30am-9pm 

Saturday Noon - 9pm

Sunday    Noon – 7pm


Pork BBQ roasting in the Pit
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